Sai Temple Kantipur



Small glipsess of sai temple

  • kantipur is place which is situated about 22 kms from jaipur District,it is a village mainly.
  • The upcoming SHIRIDI SAI BABA temple at Kantipur, 60 kms away from the temple city, Bhubaneswar, Odisha encompasses the liveliness of the mellifluously flowing Kharsua river, the serenity of the ambience and religious minded village people
  • The Project site is blessed by Shree Sai Baba and Parampujya Guruji.
  • The Project site (Kantipur) 20 Km away from Jajpur Town.
    • 1-20 Km away from Jajpur Town Railway Station.
    • 2-50 Km away from Jajpur Road Railway Station.
    • 3-66 Km away from Bhadrak Railway Station.
    • 4-130 Km away from Cuttack Railway Station.
    • 5-150 Km away from Bhubaneswar Airport.
  • The very existence of "SHIRDI SAI SEWAK MANDALI CHARITABLE TRUST" Kantipur (jajpur), is to spread SAI ADARSH among all and therby enlighten each heart, and to develop our area in all aspects which is even affected by flood, cyclones and drought. Also we are aiming to uplift the standard of life by establishing best possible Education, Yoga and Health Centers in our region.
  • The archetype temple sprawls over an area of spirituals and the very design must send spiritual ripples among devotees. The ringing of the bells and chanting of the bhajans and hymns of BABA coupled with the continuous singing of the nearby flowing river urges one to climb the pious steps of the temple to be showered with ethereal bliss of BABA.
  • As it is not human to understand why and how BABA reaches out to people and places, the topic must remain untouched with a certainty of satisfaction that BABA has chosen Kantipur and its subjects to shower his infinite grace. The not easy task of having a temple of BABA was made effortless from the inception of the thought of the temple in Shri Pabitra Kumar Samal to the uncommon quick accord of Shri Chandra Bhanu Satpathy- the Guruji due to the miracles manifested by the panacea fakir- SHIRIDI SAI BABA.
  • Collection of donations from the family members, relatives, friends and other devotees.
  • Eleven advises of Sai Baba duly printed on reverse of baba’s photographs are distributed in region - donated by Mr. Pawan Mitroo.
  • Calendar, photograph and diary etc are purchased from Shirdi & other Sai temple are distributed in region for prachar of Baba. Some Books on Sai Baba are kept in library for devotees.
  • School competition upto class – X on debate, songs, dance, acting preferably on Sai Baba and many more events are being done here.